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By Miva | January 31, 2018



This month, Miva’s Professional Services team kicked off 2018 with the launch of two powerhouse ecommerce websites: THRIVE Farmers and Xtreme Diesel Performance. Continue reading to learn more about each company and the features included in their newly redesigned Miva stores. 

THRIVE Farmers

THRIVE Farmers | Website Redesign

The Journey to Sustainable Farming

THRIVE Farmers leverages their network of sustainable farmers to connect large retailers with coffee and tea growers around the world. Founder Michael Jones, decided to exit the fortune 500 healthcare company he built from the ground up, to cultivate a new career geared towards his passion for sustainable farming.

Historically, coffee farmers have been poverty stricken due to the inability to accurately predict earnings because the crops’ value is dependent on an extremely volatile commodity market. Thus, most farmers have had to work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. THRIVE Farmers was determined to find a solution to allow farmers to focus on their crops.

Based in Costa Rica, THRIVE Farmers was founded in an effort to help bridge the gap between farmer’s revenue and the consumer’s cost. THRIVE Famers recognized these shortcomings and has pioneered an industry-shifting platform to create sustainable farming in Central America. According to the THRIVE Farmers website, their new “revenue-sharing platform is leading an innovative change in the industry by aligning the farmer with the consumer and allowing farmers to participate as stakeholders in their crop.”

THRIVE Farmers has since contributed to providing a better economy and improved overall wellness for the local community. “THRIVE Farmers coffee producers earn up to ten times more income than they would typically earn in the traditional marketplace, even including popular certifications.”

THRIVE Farmers Migrates to Miva

Prior to migrating to Miva, THRIVE Farmers struggled to create a successful online presence with Magento and Shopify Plus. They turned to Miva for a carefully crafted, responsive ecommerce store to package and sell coffee, tea, and other merchandise direct to consumers. Miva’s Professional Services team leveraged the robust features of the Luxe ReadyTheme to deliver an innovative design, educate consumers and showcase their high-quality products.

The brand new Miva store provides a world-class shopping experience by enabling customers to select their grind type, package size, and enroll in product subscriptions. Customers can also learn about the type of roast, how the beans taste, certifications, and growing origin from the product pages.

Furthermore, THRIVE Farmers utilizes their website to teach coffee lovers how to brew the perfect cup by sharing key tips and tricks along with using the best products.

Visit the THRIVE Farmers website.

XDP Website

Xtreme Diesel Performance | Website Redesign

Xtreme Diesel Performance (XDP) is a leading distributor for Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, and Chevy/GMC Duramax parts. Based in New Jersey, with a new warehouse in Las Vegas, the XDP team has been raising the bar for high-quality service and diesel parts for more than two decades. In addition to offering an extensive inventory, XDP prides itself on being the one-stop-shop for diesel power.

Performance savvy mechanics and diesel truck enthusiasts can purchase parts from top manufacturers to boost truck performance. XDP’s ecommerce store offers a complete product catalog from interior elements to wheels and tires, as well as drivetrain and chassis.

After more than a decade with Network Solutions, XDP migrated to Miva, an ecommerce platform built for an enterprise business of their size. They needed an ecommerce site built with industry-leading functionality and a cutting-edge design to maintain their competitive advantage.

The Miva Professional Services Team worked directly with the XDP team to incorporate industry-leading features and custom functionality into the new website design. The vision behind the functionality and design was driven by providing an unmatched customer experience.

Custom Features

  • Product Visualizer | The ultimate diagram designed to help customers graphically search for a starting point for their vehicle build. The five major categories guide users through their build to keep them moving in the right direction.
  • Product Filtering | Customers can spend a lot of time paging through a large product catalog. To help simplify the process, XDP incorporated advanced product filtering to hide irrelevant products.
  • Year, Make, Engine Look Up | Shoppers can browse more efficiently by utilizing the year, make, and engine part look up. Now, customers can quickly filter and narrow down the specific truck parts needed, and reduce the risk of purchasing the wrong parts.
  • My Garage | Customers can create a personalized shopping experience with ‘My Garage’ that stores vehicle information for return website visits. This custom-designed customer profile enables users to save multiple trucks to an individual account, and can toggle between vehicles with a simple click.

Find out more about the best practices for an automotive ecommerce store.

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