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The Art of the Ecommerce Landing Page: Pages That Drive Purchases

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The ecommerce landing page is essentially an entry point through which people can learn about and join the world of your brand. When well-crafted, landing pages can communicate branding concepts, present specific offers and product information, and and create a direct pathway to purchase. An effective ecommerce landing page requires a blend of aesthetic “curb appeal,” engaging content, and thoughtful layout in order to grow audiences and drive purchases. In this blog, we’ll explore the main elements of an ecommerce landing page/product landing pages, and explain how to leverage them for the best results.

Your most important job: Write a compelling headline.

Your headline can capture attention or cost you a sale in just a few seconds. The top of your landing page should have a very prominent headline which succinctly conveys the value proposition and invites visitors to explore further. We explain how to shape a value prop here. The style of the headline express should express your brand voice, and summarize all of the content on the page in a simple phrase—page visitors should be able to read the headline and immediately click-through to your desired destination without any additional persuasion.

Show don’t tell.

Imagery brings your page to life and can connect with customers emotionally on sight. High-quality, relevant images and videos of your product can help visitors understand how to use items, and how they fit into a total brand lifestyle. A great image immediately communicates the benefit of using the product.

Write copy that emphasizes benefits.

Written copy provides greater depth and detail to your offering. Crafting persuasive, benefit-driven copy is essential in highlighting what’s unique about your brand and products, presenting technical specs, use cases, and heading off customer questions/objections before they happen. Read more about how to write excellent copy here.

Give a very clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

The CTA is the final direction you give page visitors, giving them clear instructions for what to do next. The CTA can appear on a button or in text form, but either way, make sure it stands out visually, is very brief, and makes it clear what will happen if the user clicks through.

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Include the social proof of customer testimonials and reviews.

Incorporating testimonials and reviews to an ecommerce landing page immediately connotes trust and credibility. Authentic, positive reviews from real customers can significantly influence purchasing decisions and boost the overall impact of your LP.

Make sure it loads fast.

A slow-loading page is the fastest way to cause your visitors to lose interest. Optimizing the loading speed of your landing pages is just as important as the content they display—fast-loading pages ensure a seamless user experience, reducing bounce rates and getting your customer closer to conversion, faster.

Landing pages need to look perfect on every device.

In a mobile-centric online economy, ensuring that your landing pages are viewable on all screen sizes and formats is crucial. A mobile-responsive design guarantees accessibility for more shoppers, casting a wider (and more effective) net that improves the shopping experience for more people and leads to more purchases.

An effective ecommerce landing page drives purchases and represents your brand thoughtfully.

By incorporating compelling headlines, high-quality imagery, persuasive copy, CTAs, and customer testimonials into a very fast and efficient web experience, you can create a landing page that captivates and converts. Showcase your ecommerce landing page in the appropriate online spaces, drive traffic through SEO optimization, and try a variety of linking strategies to get your pages seen and acted on. Your landing pages are a gateway to your entire shopping experience—make sure they represent your brand and products with all of the clarity and creativity you invest into your entire ecommerce site.

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Katy Ellquist, Miva’s Digital Marketing Strategist, is an accomplished writer, marketer, and social media analyst who has created sophisticated content campaigns for a broad range of professional clients. She brings to Miva a complex understanding of ecommerce trends and techniques, building upon extensive digital agency experience and a prior role as direct liaison to Miva’s top accounts. Katy is a regular contributor to the Miva blog, covering essential ecommerce topics like design & development strategy, site optimization, and omnichannel selling, with the goal of increasing the actionable knowledgebase of the entire Miva community.

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