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By Miva | April 6, 2018
Automotive search facets



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With Miva’s newest software release, B2C and B2B ecommerce merchants can leverage native Miva functionality to add custom lookup tools to their online stores. Combination facets, as we call them, enable shoppers to narrow down their online search by simply selecting multiple product qualifiers (or search facets) that have been grouped together. When selected, the Miva software remembers these search facets that then work together to display only relevant products to the user. Products that do not fit within the previously defined criteria will not be displayed.

By default, universal products that don’t apply to selection of qualifying facets are hidden to a user, but can be easily displayed by simply toggling a switch within the Miva admin.

The end result? Customers can quickly find exactly what they are looking for without being distracted by irrelevant products. Ecommerce websites with less distractions are more likely keep customers focused on purchasing, and can lead to increased conversion rates. Plus, implementing a versatile custom lookup tool with combination facets can enhance the overall customer experience instead of forcing customers to browse products via a traditional category structure.

This sophisticated functionality is best used for products that customers must find using multiple filtering layers. Simply put, the functionality behind combination facets can be utilized to create a Year, Make, Model lookup for automotive ecommerce businesses and other industries in which replacement parts are sold. For example, customers shopping for car parts can easily locate parts that fit their vehicle by selecting their car’s year, make, and model. Merchants can also leverage the versatility of combination facets to help customers find ink cartridges that fit a specific brand and model of a printer.

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Ecommerce industries that can utilize Miva’s native combination facets:

  • Automotive (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.)
  • Home Appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, etc.)
  • Office Equipment (desktop and laptop computers, printers, copiers, etc.)
  • Lawn and Turf Equipment (lawn mowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, etc.)
  • Heavy Equipment (tractors, excavators, bulldozers, etc.)

However, custom lookup tools are only effective when appropriate products have been assigned to the qualifying facets like year, make, and model. Without these product assignments, the relevant product won’t be included in a customer’s search and could hurt the customer experience.

Miva stores with an inventory of hundreds or thousands of product SKUs can easily add a high volume of product data for combination facets by simply importing a .CSV document from the Miva admin. The possibilities are endless with combination facets. This robust feature, now native to Miva, is flexible and can be configured to support an unlimited number of combinations.

Are you ready to implement combination facets into your Miva ecommerce store? Your team can add this feature by following the step-by-step instructions found in our extensive documentation portal. For assistance, our in-house Professional Services team can help you customize this feature to fit your business needs. Get started today by enrolling in Miva’s Managed Account Program (MAP).

New to Miva? Contact our Strategy and Solutions team today to find out how Miva can partner with you to grow your online business.

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