Why the Millennial Generation is Choosing Entrepreneurial Freedom

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By Miva | October 8, 2013
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Lately, there has been a lot of hype about Millennials being “unhappy yuppies,” entitled and lazy.  Whether those qualifiers are accurate or not, there is one thing we can (mostly) all agree on:  Millennials are resourceful.

According to for-profit Rasmussen College, 60% of Millennials are turning to entrepreneurship in lieu of the latter career path expectation, that is, climbing the corporate ladders over many years of hard work.  Baby Boomers who have worked hard to achieve success within their businesses are finding that Generation Y is becoming their most serious threat.

Millennials are the brains behind the most innovative startup businesses online today.  They grew up with social networks and coding html on their Myspace profiles.  They watched as Amazon and eBay transformed into global ecommerce giants.  There were countless tools and resources accessible to start a business before they even turned 20.  The world is seeing more and more Millennials opting for entrepreneurial freedom because it is a more appealing option.

Today, anyone can launch a business online for next to nothing and start selling online in next to no time.  Millennials were born with the mindset of being self-starters and big dreamers. Plus, they want to make the world a better place.

Generation Y is saying ‘Yes’ to entrepreneurship, and this infographic explains ‘Why?’

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