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By Miva | November 12, 2009
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This week we head back to the vineyards to sample another wine store running on Miva Merchant. Debra Heinze is a passionate wine lover who has turned her hobby into her business. You will see her love of wine sprinkled throughout the site with recommendations for each category of wine coupled with lots of options to make it easy to find the wine based on budget or desire to try something new.

Drink Better Wine offers an amazing selection of wines under $20, wines by region, type and wine varietals. Are you the type of person who wants some new wine every month? Depending on how much wine you want and your budget; there are several wine club options to fit your needs.

Why stop with wine clubs when everyone knows wine is best paired with delicious food. Debra has compiled a list of recipes for wine lovers that includes suggested wine pairings.

After reaching out to Debra about Drink Better Wine becoming a Store Spotlight she came back with glowing comments I just have to share with you:

Ok I’m not drinking wine, but I’m inspired to brag on Miva Merchant!

Drink Better Wine has been using Miva Merchant shopping cart since 2003.  Miva Merchant has allowed us to simplify our order process.  When the Gem Club came about in 2008 we jumped on board.  We love that we can get technical questions answered by the helpful staff.  We also like getting modules and “extras” to help spruce up the website.  Miva Syncro has also helped, as it syncs to Quickbooks, and allows us to quickly access history of orders, what a time saver!  It also helps us to reach out to customers effectively by knowing their order history.

Recently we have opted to have the 1 page checkout page, this we have found has increased sales, as customers can easily checkout all in 1 page.

We very much enjoy working with Miva Merchant, and look forward to new things that come out, to help our business grow!  We think everyone should enjoy our wines!  Free shipping is something people also love.

Kudos to Miva Merchant for simplifying business for us.”

Holiday parties are just getting ready to kick off and you can impress your friends, families, employees and business associates with some great wine paired with excellent finger food. Get 3 bottles of wine and receive free shipping from Drink Better Wine.

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