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By Miva | September 19, 2016
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Every great product starts with a great story which is why we are launching our latest Miva ReadyTheme, Storyteller!

Storyteller was designed to showcase and highlight the story behind your products to really help the customer understand why your products are so great. It uses nice visual imagery to help highlight different parts of your products.


This theme emphasizes the process of product creation from the initial crafting to the finished item. Using a robust yet, minimalistic navigation, the theme offers the maximum user experience. The Storyteller ReadyTheme also utilizes a unique header structure, providing a full-width layout optimized towards high quality imagery. – Yuya Oda – Senior Web Designer, Miva, Inc.


In addition to a highly visual design, this ReadyTheme features some cutting edge features as well. This is the first theme to utilize a right sidebar for the mini-basket, login, as well as main navigation. When you click any of the three icons at the top right side of the screen, the right sidebar will appear with a subtle animation and a “bounce.” To hide the right sidebar, simply click the icon a second time, click the X to close the bar, or you can even use the esc key on the keyboard.

Storyteller theme menu.

Storyteller theme log in.

Storyteller theme mini basket.

Lazy Loading Images

This theme also has a feature called “Lazy Loading” where images are not loaded into the page until you scroll down to see them. As you scroll you’ll see both text and images fade into the page. This helps keep initial load time extremely fast as only what is visible on the page is loaded.

As with all our themes, special attention is paid to page speed to make the site as fast as possible.

Product Page Features

This theme features an innovative hover to show additional images. The image are hidden on page load and slide into view when you hover your mouse over the product image. It also features a touch friendly image slider to make viewing product images on mobile simple and easy.



Checkout Process

This theme also features our newest optimized checkout process where relevant information is as high on the page as possible right where you need it. The right sidebar keeps the basket contents and the Bill to / Ship to easily in sight for quick editing. 




MivaPay and Subscription Management Ready

With the release of 9.0006, the Storyteller ReadyTheme fully supports Miva’s latest new features including MivaPay and Subscription Management. These are “game changing” features not found in any comparable ecommerce platform. They enable your customers to securely save their credit cards in a PCI compliant manner and they allow for your store to sell subscriptions as well as handle recurring billing.

Manage Saved Cards

Storyteller theme payment options.

Choose Saved Card During Checkout

Payment options screeshot.


View, Edit and Update any active subscriptions from your customer account including updating the credit card used, address, or next delivery date.


Learn more about MivaPay here. 

Learn more about Subscription Management here.


Additional Features Include:

  • Right Sidebar for Mini-Basket, Navigation and Login
  • Built for speed, images on the page are “lazy loaded” in as you scroll making the site load much faster
  • Optimized Product page layout with additional images which appear on hover
  • Built in Customizable Product tabs for (overview, specification and shipping)
  • Built in support of MivaPay and Subscription Management
  • Optimized Checkout Process
  • Customizable “Story” Page which can be easily edited from ReadyTheme Admin
  • All Categories page which uses category title image for graphical layout

The Storyteller ReadyTheme is completely free and can be downloaded here.

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