How the Right Partner Can Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

We take a look at the tools and providers that can help you take your email marketing to the next level.

By Miva | December 30, 2021 | 4 minute read
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Email is one of the best forms of marketing if you’re looking to generate high ROI and keep your company’s name top of mind. So, how can you ensure your company’s emails are seen by as many of your customers as possible? By selecting the best email technology solution to create, distribute, and optimize your email marketing strategy.

Finding the right email marketing provider can be invaluable for your email campaigns and larger marketing strategy. An effective solution will provide the tools to help you streamline your marketing strategy and achieve better overall campaign results. In this blog, we review the benefits of email marketing and the value of working with an email marketing partner.

What Can Email Marketing Do for My Store?     

Customer relationships are the bedrock of ecommerce success. Email marketing can help build better rapport with your customers by strengthening and nurturing customer relationships and expanding your brand’s overall reach. This will help instill a greater sense of trust, which will result in greater consumer loyalty.Learn how to write captivating marketing emails in this free guide.

Why Work With an Email Marketing Partner? 

Working with email marketing partner can offer many benefits for your marketing strategy. You can leverage the technology and services of a vendor to enhance your marketing campaigns. An email marketing partner can also give you access to tools like pre-built templates, A/B testing, analytics, and reports to put you on the path toward email marketing success.

What to Look for in an Email Marketing Partner

Before selecting a partner, it’s important to determine your email marketing goals. You’ll want to consider your company’s needs and the areas of email marketing that you’d like to improve upon.

Questions about price point, support capabilities, pre-built template availability, amount of coding required, customization options, and the overall ease-of-use of a solution are a good place to start when defining your company’s needs. Whether your goals are to increase average order value, encourage return purchases, or drive customers to a special promotion, you’ll want to keep these goals in mind to clarify your needs and help you find the right provider.

Miva Preferred Email Marketing Partners

Miva partners with some of the leading email marketing platforms to ensure our clients have the support they need to create impressive and effective campaigns. Our flexible platform also allows merchants to work with a diverse roster of providers that offer tools and services for a variety of email marketing needs.


HubSpot provides well-rounded email marketing services that allow users to independently create, personalize, and optimize their emails, minimizing the need for design, development, or IT assistance.


Klaviyo specializes in responsive email templates that maintain a consistent look across multiple devices with no coding required. They offer pre-built templates, straightforward design functionality, and mobile optimization to help streamline the emailing process.


KlientBoost aims to improve email performance regardless of the type of email being sent. Whether the email is a cold outreach, nurture sequence, abandoned cart, newsletter, transactional communication, or promotion, KlientBoost’s goal is to increase the ROI of the email marketing campaigns they work on.


Listrak provides a variety of email marketing tools including predictive analytics, retail segmentation, dynamic content, and predictive product recommendations. Their specialty tools include Listrak Composer, an email designer that allows marketers to insert personalized AI-driven content and products into their emails.


Mailchimp offers an easy-to-use email builder with tools aimed at growing businesses. They provide a variety of tools including drag-and-drop templates, automation, and real-time analytics.


Omnisend’s product allows for personalized email campaigns without the need for coding or extensive editing. They offer tools that allow users to customize emails and make changes throughout a campaign’s lifecycle including templates, a drag-and-drop content editor, and campaign targeting.


Sendlane’s focus is on creating emails with great visuals and high conversion rates. Their services help sellers optimize send times and maximize deliverability rates. 


TargetBay offers a variety of email and SMS marketing tools for both B2B and DTC brands. Their specialty tool is BayEngage, which allows you to build and automate email campaigns and newsletters. It comes with an easy drag-and-drop editor, powerful audience segmentation, and automated email flows.

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