Boosting Your Ecommerce Sales for Valentine’s Day

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By Miva | February 12, 2014



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You don’t have to sell chocolates to make a profit on Valentine’s Day.

Americans spent an average of $239 per person last year on Valentine’s Day gifts.  That’s over $17 billion, so it is time for your ecommerce store to cash in on some of those gifts.  Nowadays, people are busier than ever, and ecommerce stores are benefiting.  There’s not enough time to go to the mall for every single holiday, so consumers are finding it much easier just to purchase their gifts online.

In fact, over half of Americans plan to take a digital approach to sending their romantic messages this year:

  • 29% say they’ll type a romantic text message
  • 29% will post sweet nothings on Facebook
  • 23% will send a sweet or spicy email
  • 20% will mail a loving eCard
  • 7% of consumers will send their love-bird a Valentine in 140 characters or less via Twitter

Whether you sell swimming pools or clothing, gadgets or flowers, your ecommerce store can get in the Valentine’s mood by sprucing up your website with these love-ly additions:

1.  Add Some Romance

One of the most common ways that ecommerce websites celebrate Valentine’s Day is by updating their color schemes.  You could even just choose the pink and red products only to showcase on your homepage to give it a hint of love.  Anything personalized, novelty items, or gift cards are always great products to showcase this time of year.


2.  Try a “Gift Finder” Feature

“Gifts For Her” or “Gifts For Him” are great dedicated landing pages to put on your ecommerce site.  Consumers looking for gifts or even those not looking will be intrigued by your selection and take a look at your great gift ideas.  Any products that you already market as “Birthday Gift Ideas” can be remarketed as “Valentine’s Day Gifts.”  They don’t have to be cliché, like jewelry or flowers.  Valentine’s Day gifts could be anything.


3.  Track What Sells Best

This year, take note of what sells best around Valentine’s Day.  Also, keep record of common questions that customers are asking, emails that are sent, and special requests.  Next year, you can use this information to promote the highest-selling products for a special Valentine’s Day offer.

4.  Offer E-Gifts to Last-Minute Buyers

If you want to make a few extra sales on Valentine’s Day, but it’s too late to get it to your customers in time, try offering e-gifts or e-gift certificates.  Barnes & Noble offers online Nook books and apps that can be purchased and then scheduled to be delivered on Valentine’s Day.


5.  Send V-Mail to Customers

RetailEmail has found that Valentines Day emails (aka. V-Mail) start on January 3rd.  The heaviest days for V-Mail are February 8th and 12th.  Send your customers a quick note showing your Valentine’s Day gift ideas or let them know they can purchase last minute e-gifts.


6.  Increase Average Order Value

By offering a threshold for free shipping, you can boost customers’ shopping carts. uses a $99 threshold and lets the customer know on the checkout page when they are close to receiving free shipping.  This is a great way to increase consumer average order value.



It doesn’t take a lot of money to make more sales around Valentine’s Day. Promoting your site around Valentine’s Day can certainly increase your sales, as long as you are taking the right steps.

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