Increase Conversion Rates and Improve Average Order Value with Affirm

How to leverage Buy Now, Pay Later to give your customers financing options at checkout

By Brennan Heyde | August 16, 2023
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Affirm is an industry-leading Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solution that offers your customers flexible payment options during checkout. Affirm is a great tool for Miva merchants that allows customers to finance their purchases on any Miva store. This helps your customers spread out the cost of the purchase over time, while you get paid up front—just like any other credit card purchase.  

Benefits of Affirm 

Two key benefits Affirm offers retailers are increased checkout conversion rates and higher average order values. 

Increased Conversion Rates: BNPL options can attract more customers and boost conversion rates. Shoppers who may have hesitated due to the upfront cost of an order can now make purchases manageable with a payment plan, leading to more completed transactions. 

Higher Average Order Value: BNPL services can encourage customers to make larger purchases since they can spread the cost over time. This can lead to an increase in the average order value for the store, resulting in higher revenue. 

Attract New Customers: Offering BNPL options can attract new customer segments who prefer the flexibility of installment payments. BNPL can be particularly appealing to younger shoppers or those with limited access to traditional credit options. 

Improved Cash Flow: While BNPL providers handle payment processing and bear the risk of customer defaults, ecommerce store owners receive payment for purchases up front. This can improve cash flow and enable the store to invest in growth or inventory.  

What does the Customer Buying Experience with Miva and Affirm look like? 

Miva has partnered with Affirm to build a fully integrated checkout solution. There are 3 main touch points to the Affirm buying experience on Miva.

1. Product + Basket Pages – Miva displays the “starting at” installment price the customer would pay if they select Affirm at checkout. The customer will see the installment cost for each individual item on the product description page (PDP) or for the entire purchase on the cart page. 

Sample product page for Bronze Ganesh Statue with Affirm payment options displayed below Add to Cart button

Customers can also click on this message to get a more detailed breakdown of payment plans.

Display of sample Affirm "Buy now, Pay over time" payment options, displaying various monthly payment amounts.

Customers have the option to prequalify prior to making a purchase, but must select to pay with Affirm via the standard checkout process.

2. Checkout - During Checkout Affirm will show as a payment option alongside Credit Card,
or any other payment options you offer.

A sample checkout page displays payment method radio buttons with Affirm selected

3. Loan Application – The loan application is the final step of the checkout process.

Customers complete the application and select their preferred payment plan through a
seamless modal overlay, without leaving your site.

How it Works Animation

Once complete, customers are taken straight to the Miva confirmation page and the order will show up in Miva just like any other order. 

Miva also gives you payment tools to void, capture, or refund the loan just as if the customer was using a credit card. This makes it so that Affirm fits seamlessly into the payment flow you're already using on Miva.   

Easy Setup on Miva 

The Affirm integration for Miva was simple and easy to setup. We were able to install and test it in a few hours and deploy it live the very next day. I love how we’re able to authorize when the order is placed and capture funds when the order is shipped. Because Affirm follows a similar model as other payment methods, it just fits into my existing order processing workflows, making it very seamless to add to my Miva store.” 

- Kyle Tortora,, Miva Store specializing in Hindu and Buddha statues  

How will I know if Affirm is helping my business? 

When you sign up for Affirm, you’ll get instant access to Affirm’s Merchant Portal. The portal provides a variety of performance dashboards that include data on loan volume generated, average order value (AOV), customer demographics, and more. 

Merchant Dashboard Animation

How can I add Affirm to my Miva site? 

Interested in trying Affirm for your business? Learn more at 

Miva also offers free setup, testing and deployment of Affirm for all Miva customers that would like additional support. Reach out to our Payments Team at: for a free consultation.


*Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners: CA residents: Loans by Affirm Loan Services, LLC are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license. 

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Brennan Heyde is the VP of Payments & Strategic Partners at Miva. His goal is to help Miva customers increase revenue through payments and solve important customer problems via integrations Miva supports.

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