Miva Town Hall 2019 - Q&A

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By Miva | February 22, 2019
Miva Town Hall 2019



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Watch Miva CEO Rick Wilson and VP of Product Brennan Heyde discuss new features, the JSON API, MivaPay, Miva 9.13, and more in this year’s Miva Town Hall.


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This year, merchants and eCommerce professionals are facing unique challenges and opportunities. Strong partnerships will be key to success in the changing eCommerce landscape. In this year’s Miva Town Hall, Miva CEO Rick Wilson and VP of Product Brennan Heyde discuss some of the critical solutions and resources Miva offers to keep merchants supported with a robust, reliable platform and strong ecosystem.




Miva Town Hall 2019 Q&A


The following is adapted from the Q&A portion of Miva Town Hall 2019.



API Workflows

Q: Will you be adding logic and improving functionality?
A: Yes. We are going to extend functionality as use cases arise. To make a request for additional functionality, please visit our Dream Features Request Forum.


Q: How does your PCI certification impact the store owner’s security and compliance burden?

A: This is dependent on what other systems you’re using and if those other systems manage credit card numbers. Miva assumes the vast majority of the PCI compliance burden with MivaPay. Merchants can further mitigate their risk by implementing security best practices and doing everything in their power to ensure that their employees to never see a credit card number. Learn more about PCI security standards.

Q: Is MivaPay free? How is it installed?

A: For existing Miva SaaS customers, MivaPay is now included with current pricing. Merchants will need to contact tech support to get their credentials. To learn more about installing MivaPay, please refer to the documentation on Docs.Miva.

Q: Is MivaPay a payment gateway?

A: MivaPay is not a payment gateway, it is a PCI compliance and payment security solution that sits on top of a payment gateway. Nearly all existing native payment gateways work with MivaPay.

New Feature Releases: Managed Quotes and Customer Loyalty Modules

Q: How do customers implement Managed Quotes and Customer Points Loyalty?

A: Both the Managed Quotes and Customer Points Loyalty modules will be available on the Miva App store once released. This enables us to build, QA, release, and make updates faster. Implementation requires some template code updates, particularly for existing stores. See documentation.


A YubiKey is an authentication device that enables public-key encryption and one-time passwords.

Q: What is a YubiKey?

A: A YubiKey is an authentication device that enables public-key encryption and one-time passwords.


Q: Will existing themes be updated as we release new product features?

A: We’re looking at replacing CSS UI with Shadows to decrease friction between the core software and ReadyThemes for a better user experience. This will provide a foundation to use for all themes moving forward. As we release new themes, we will be adding new functionality and features.

CSS Minification

Q: Is there minified CSS?

A: There is not minification in 9.13–it’s purely concatenation. You can take multiple CSS files and catenate to a single file and take multiple JavaScript files and catenate to single file.

Integration Partners

Q: How can users find out more about Miva integration partners?

A: We are constantly engaging with new agencies and technology partners. Integrations with our technology partners are released via the Miva app store. Meet our agency partners here.

Client Feature Requests

Q: How can clients submit feature requests?

A: Every feature request submitted through the Miva Merchant Dream Features forum is read and discussed by Rick Wilson (CEO, Miva), Brennan Heyde (VP of Product, Miva), and John Burchmore (CTO, Miva).

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