New Podcast: The Aligned Business Model - How a Company’s History Shapes its Future

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By Miva | May 4, 2022 | 2 minute read



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New podcast: "The Aligned Business Model - How a company’s history shapes its future" 

What is the “leadership personality” of a business, and how does it point the way to understanding who the right customer is? This week, Miva CEO Rick Wilson gave an internal business development talk to connect how the history of Miva and the people who built it have formed a company identity. This identity now perfectly aligns with customers who stand to benefit the most. The talk was recorded for a new episode of the Dragonproof Podcast. 

Every business which experiences success and growth must constantly gut check to see if the business model is still in tune with the goals of the customer. Conditions, teams, and resources will evolve across eras, but alignment with the customer’s goals and problems must be a constant. 

“Aligning our success with our client’s success was a fundamental game changer,” Rick says. “I care about making sure that a client business runs to its highest potential, because if they succeed, we succeed.” 

As Rick describes in the talk, Miva’s ethos and choices have evolved alongside its development  from being the most broadly distributed SMB ecommerce platform in the world to an increasingly fine-honed solution for more complex mid-market businesses. As ecommerce businesses’ sales operations have grown more sophisticated, their success has depended on a growing list of comprehensive tools and services to integrate complicated products, audiences, workforces, and workflows. Across its history, Miva has evolved to serve those needs, forming its own leadership personality in the process. 

While Miva’s specific history is unique, determining how to leverage your company’s identity to serve your perfect customer is a process and a question which, if you're successful in your own business, you will certainly face over time. 

“We want to help businesses who specifically need what we specialize in to succeed. And if those things all line up, then we are a perfect partner,” Rick concludes. “All business leaders stand to gain by articulating what gives their business its presence, soul, and perspective - and then looking for customers who are in alignment with these invaluable things.” 

Listen in to the full talk in Dragonproof Podcast episode 64, “The Aligned Business Model - How a company’s history shapes its future” - here. 

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