Report from Shoptalk: What’s important for retailers in 2022…and what isn’t

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By Miva | April 5, 2022 | 5 minute read
Dragonproof Ep. 62 Report from Shoptalk



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Shoptalk is a large-scale retail trade show which is often a leading indicator for upcoming ecommerce trends. On the new episode of the Dragonproof Podcast, Miva CEO Rick Wilson describes the key issues and opportunities for businesses which attended the 2022 event. 

Two of the most popular topics across Shoptalk this year were headless ecommerce and one-click checkout. “Headless” systems, which decouple the front and back end of an ecommerce site, appeal to businesses looking for more agile customization. One-click checkout, which eliminates the traditional shopping cart, sounds tantalizing to sellers who want a leaner, faster transaction architecture. Both are excellent goals, but according to Rick, retailers need to look past the extravagant conference presentations to assess the real solutions on offer. 

Neither of those products are particularly successful yet,” Rick says. “I can't predict which of these trends will stand the test of time, but I can tell you how I evaluate them. If it solves a real need, then it's probably a great thing to partner with and invest in.” 

Despite the upbeat tone of the event, the consumer economy’s wild swings during the pandemic era have been unsettling for businesses of all sizes. Rick advises that the strength, relevance, and long term viability of a company is as crucial as the new products they pitch. 

“At an event like Shoptalk, I'm looking for companies that solve a legitimate problem, as well as companies which I think will still be around at Shoptalk 2025. Especially with a technology partnership, the last thing you want is any kind of integration that requires code if the company which produced it might not exist in three or four years.” 

When businesses are able to connect with the right peers, partners, and customers in person, the real opportunity of the trade fair emerges—networking and collaboration in a highly focused environment. Time can be leveraged for more meetings with a variety of companies and teams—including your own. Building company culture by attending a trade show together is another great reason to go. With 40% of all trade shows now virtual, in-person conferences are more valuable than ever for generating the human connections every business needs. 

“As we re-engage with a hybrid remote-first world,” Rick says, “it’s mission critical to have purpose-driven connections with the people who are important to your business. More than any trend, this is what you should look for when attending a trade show. Never underestimate the value of collaboration.” 

Rick explores these ideas in Dragonproof Podcast episode 62, “Report from ShopTalk 2022” - available here. 

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