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By Miva | April 27, 2020
Dragonproof Podcast featuring John Lawson



The latest Dragonproof Ecommerce Podcast is now streaming: listen here.

The way the public is interacting with ecommerce is undergoing a major shift right now. Sales of essential goods are booming, while retailers across a range of other everyday products are bracing for a very unpredictable quarter. How are individual merchants and 3rd party sellers reimagining their relationships to Amazon, and building a voice to lead through crisis?

To dive into this question, Rick Wilson sat down remotely with John Lawson, renowned brand guru, speaker, and best-selling author of “Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-preneurs.” Since the earliest news began to break, John has been tracking, studying, and providing analysis of the COVID-19 crisis, specifically as it intersects with ecommerce.

With physical shortages looming, and physical retail seemingly running on fumes, it is imperative for all sellers to move through this moment thoughtfully. In this accessible and insightful podcast, Rick and John talk about:

  • shifting from local thinking to global thinking
  • the problems facing volume sellers
  • the limitations of automated systems when a human touch is more required than ever
  • why complicated supply chains from China just got a lot more complicated and what to do about it
  • adapting brand voice in a way that’s relevant and helpful

We hope you’ll listen and share with anyone who’s facing this storm and looking for perspectives which will help them adapt in real time.

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