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By Miva | July 12, 2017
The Future of Commerce - Miva Town Hall recap.



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Miva CEO Rick Wilson and VP Developer Relations Brennan Heyde unveil strategic partnerships, groundbreaking features in Miva 9.7, and the exciting future of commerce with Miva 10 in the inaugural Miva Town Hall webinar



Last week we launched Miva Town Hall: a new webinar series featuring Miva CEO Rick Wilson, VP Developer Relations Brennan Heyde—and you. From breaking developments, to exciting new partnerships, to the game-changing new features you’ve been waiting for, the Miva Town Hall series will keep you abreast of the latest tools and trends setting your Miva store ahead.

If you missed the inaugural Miva Town Hall  or simply want to show your team all the announcements impacting you and your store, get the replay here. You won’t want to miss a second of the jam-packed event, where Rick and Brennan cover:

  • The future of Miva through an unprecedented partnership with Bison Capitol
  • Industry-first innovations in customization, which Miva merchants are currently harnessing to supercede the showroom experience online
  • How MivaPay is revolutionizing payments and helping Miva merchants win repeat purchases and loyalty
  • The feature-rich Miva Merchant 9.7, chock-full of Wish List items from all of you like powerful new search and facets, a beautiful rich text editor, and automated communication to stay ahead of abandoned carts
  • The preview you’ve all been waiting for of Miva 10: the most intuitive, user-friendly experience for enterprise ecommerce ever designed—faster, smarter, and more optimized for conversions than any platform in ecommerce history
  • And much, much more

Don’t wait one more minute. Find out how Miva is changing the future of commerce with the replay of the Miva Town Hall video above, then return here for answers to your burning questions—asked live by fellow enterprise ecommerce owners and leaders bent on making their mark on the industry.

Finally, don’t miss out on test driving Miva 9.7 for yourself. Sign up for the public beta here, and get ready to step into the future of commerce with Miva.

Miva Town Hall: The Future of Commerce Q&A

Miva Town Hall FAQ: General Questions

Your Miva Store

Has Miva thought about offering a service to make a Miva store into an App?

We do! Our Professional Services team has helped numerous clients develop comprehensive mobile strategies. This award-winning group of designers and developers construct beautiful, high efficiency sites to reach your customers through any device.

Partner with our Professional Services team to turn your ideas into action today.

Anything new to build accelerated mobile pages (AMP)?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) module for Miva Merchant creates valid AMP pages out of your products, categories, and other store pages. AMP pages increase visibility in search engines and can help put your site in front of more eyes.

Start reaping the benefits of AMP for Miva Merchant today.   

I believe Google is penalizing non-HTTPS websites with regards to indexing/listing for search purposes, is this true? If so, is it as hard to convert an existing website, hosted by Miva, to HTTPS?

Good news: We will be making all new installs HTTPS by default.

For existing stores, it’s quite easy to convert to HTTPS manually. Check out this tutorial for a thorough walkthrough on how to convert your store to HTTPS.

Current and Potential Partnerships

Have you considered a Web API integration with ChannelAdvisor?  

Yes, they are on our radar as a potential Strategic Integration Partner.

Are you going to update existing modules native to Miva Merchant, e.g.:, (which currently offers digital payment solutions that don’t currently work with Miva Merchant)

Each gateway offers their own version of a “wallet” and we’ve solved this problem using MivaPay. With MivaPay, your customers can save payment info, reuse saved cards, and make flawless payments across all major payment gateways.

Revolutionize your payments with MivaPay today.

Is Spring Metrics still an integration partner?

Yes, we support Spring Metrics. This integration is purely JavaScript-based. If you would like to use their service, just add their tracking code to your Miva Store.


Are there analytics for the Abandoned Cart emails?

You can add a Campaign ID from Google Analytics to the Abandoned Cart emails to track relevant metrics such as click-throughs and conversion rates.

Do category inclusions include a Sub Categories option?

Sub Categories would need to be assigned individually when creating the Price Group.

Any plan on having dynamic left-hand sorting? For example, size, or color, etc.  

Yes! Dynamic sorting is coming in 9.7, with an all-new feature called Facets.

Is the Wishlist capability already available on the current version on 9?

Yes. Wishlists are core to Miva. Check out these helpful resources to implement them into your store, today. 

Miva Town Hall FAQ: Miva Merchant 9.7

Do you have an ETA for the 9.7 release?

Miva Merchant 9.7 will be released this Fall.

Join in on the public beta today to test drive Miva 9.7 first!

Do the new features come at an additional cost?

Nothing in 9.7 costs extra, other than any implementation costs to your developer should you choose to add facets to your site.


Is there anything new coming that will initiate actual customer accounts being created?

We are initiating new features such as MivaPay, but we have many customers selecting the “Guest Checkout” path.

You can force customer accounts, or add customization to make creating accounts easier.

Any plans for a one-page checkout?

Yes! We even support this now. Contact Sales.


Are there any updates to Miva Coupons in the new update?

There will be no changes to Coupons in 9.7.

Developer Training

Will the Developer Training and Certification only be available to agencies, or is it open to anyone?

The Miva Developer Training and Certification, allowing dev teams to get up-to-speed on Miva very quickly, was inspired by the agencies we currently collaborate with but will be available to everyone!

Contact us today to get your team signed up for the Miva Developer Training and Certification.


Can you elaborate on what Facets is?

Facets will enable even more powerful search on your site. A Facet is a filter or refinement of a list of products. With the introduction of this feature in Miva Merchant 9.7, you’ll have much more control over the Facets and can change the order, names, and more according you want to categorize your inventory.

Some competitors have facet tools, but with 9.7, we’ve built this powerful Facet engine into the core of the product.

What depth of control will we have over Facets in 9.7?

You have complete control over the UI as well as granular control over which Facets show on each page and category.

How will Search and Facets deal with variants?

Search and Facets search active products. Attributes are a built-in Facet, so you can filter products based on size and color and the correct master product will be shown containing the specified attribute (size and/or color).

Will Facet searching require additional work on the part of the store owner to add more categories to individual products? Or, will it somehow search the raw text on the product description (which is how the search capability on the admin works now)?

Default Facets will be Category, Attributes and Price. If you want to filter on custom fields, just make sure you have the accurate data in each custom product field (spelling, etc.)


Will you offer an entry-level version of MivaPay that doesn’t include subscriptions?

We do offer custom pricing on MivaPay for customers not using Subscriptions. Contact us today and let’s talk about your needs.


Are there any new ReadyThemes using Bootstrap, or has it been demoted?

All new ReadyThemes moving forward will be built on our new framework to standardize the code base moving forward.

Is there an ETA for ReadyThemes 2.0?

It will launch with Miva 9.7.

For 9.7 Beta testers will there also be new Ready Themes available using the new features in a dev store?

You can use a Blank CSSUI store on the beta or add the template changes to your site to take advantage to the new features.

Any plans to stop using PHP in ReadyThemes?

Yes, we plan to remove all the PHP scripts from the Themes.  

Will Themes translate to 9.7 or be updated to include functionality of 9.7?

All existing Themes will work with Miva 9.7.

Rich Text Editor

What is the Rich Text Editor?

We’ve gotten requests for this for a long time, so we’re excited to finally announce the release of the Rich Text Editor in Miva 9.7.

The editor will enable you and your team to modify and dynamically resize the text, fonts, and tables. It will radically enhance product descriptions and text area custom fields. Every text area on the site will be improved, and will even include line numbers and a full-screen view—great for your developers!

Check out this video for a quick preview of the Rich Text Editor.

Is there a timeline for the Rich Text Editor?

This is part of Miva 9.7, which will be out this Fall.

Will the Rich Text Editor be shipped with User Group Permissions? For example, we might not want all staffers to play with colors and tables and text size; we might ONLY want them to assign classes.

There are user level permissions to not have the Rich Text Editor load by default, but users can override this if they choose to.

Will the Rich Text Editor (WordPress substitute) have an RSS feed URL to give MailChimp for automated email campaigns?

Yes, you could do this using Feeds. When we add better CMS capabilities to Miva, Content will get added to Feeds to be able to create custom content feeds.


What is the plan for improving Subscriptions?

We have a large product catalog and we expect to have customers subscribing to many (possibly over 20) on a monthly basis. Is there a timeline to improve the Subscription service to condense the emails and allow Subscriptions on a grouped order, not single item, basis?

This Feature is fully supported, just process Subscriptions via a Scheduled Task to use the feature.

Miva Town Hall FAQ: Miva 10

When will Miva 10 be released?

Miva 10 is a game-changing reimagining of how businesses and their customers interact through ecommerce. Taking the lead from advanced developers and marketers in the field, Miva 10 will catalyze your teams to excel at what they do best—development; IT; marketing—without being slowed down. There is no ecommerce solution on the market like it, because no one else in the industry is vying to solve the problems we have with Miva 10.

Brace yourselves for a new ecommerce platform coming in 2018 that is so groundbreaking, we even changed the name.

Miva is changing the face of ecommerce. Sign up for the public beta of Miva 9.7 today and get ready to step into the future of commerce with Miva.


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