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By Miva | December 29, 2017
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Miva’s Professional Services team successfully launched two brand new online stores to close out 2017. Both websites leverage the robust features of two different ReadyTheme website templates to create new and improved ecommerce stores and an enhanced customer experience. The additional custom features included in the website designs showcase the versatility that Miva offers its customers. Learn more about the website redesigns below.

Nova 68 | Redesign

Founded in 2001, Nova68 is a leading online retailer for modern and contemporary design pieces for any commercial or residential space. Their vast product line includes modern lighting, contemporary home décor, and modern furniture.

Nova 68 sells directly to consumers solely via their ecommerce store. Their online store is undeniably, the most important component of their online business, as they do not have a brick and mortar showroom where customers can browse and shop for products. It’s important for Nova 68 to provide customers with the best online shopping experience possible especially with no brick and mortar presence.

Prior to the website redesign, the storefront was considerably overwhelming to first-time visitors. The home page included a slider, category tree, grid of featured products, featured press, and a large quantity of text typically found in a blog post. Needless to say, the website was due for a simplistic overhaul that was designed to keep customers focused on purchasing products.

Nova 68 needed a well-designed online space to match their collection of high-end designer lighting and furniture. The modern design retailer turned to Miva for an updated, responsive website design. By implementing the Suivant ReadyTheme, Miva’s Professional Services team leveraged the ReadyTheme’s robust functionality to build the perfect ecommerce store for the modern retailer. The template’s built-in functionality like the drop down navigation, nicely showcases their extensive product categories, and the AJAX Add to Cart feature allows customers to easily see how many products are being added to their shopping cart. The refreshed website also incorporates beautiful, high-resolution imagery and detailed product descriptions to help customers find exactly what they are shopping for.

Custom Features of

  • Nova 68 chose to include an extended secondary image when product image is clicked, instead of only displaying one product image. Hiding the additional product images behind the primary image allowed the product pages to maintain a minimal, clean design. | View here 
  • The traditional ‘Add to Cart’ button was replaced with a custom-designed ‘Please Contact Us’ button to direct customers to the contact page for products listed above a certain price. This unique functionality prevents customers from checking out, but still gives them the opportunity to add a specific product to their wish list. | View Here 

California Pet Pharmacy

California Pet Pharmacy | New Site Build

California Pet Pharmacy (CPP) is a fully licensed, accredited pet pharmacy that specializes in health products for animals of all sizes. Their product line includes flea, tick, and heartworm prevention as well as medications to help pet owners care for pets with arthritis and ear infections.

California Pet Pharmacy desperately needed a new website to stay relevant in the highly competitive online market of pet prescriptions, despite having a brick and mortar store in northern California. CPP’s ecommerce store was built and hosted with Yahoo!, prior to migrating to the Miva enterprise ecommerce platform. Limited by Yahoo!’s platform, CPP was in search of the best option for their enterprise business that enabled them to create customer accounts and establish a connection to cloud-based business management software, NetSuite. Miva’s Strategy and Solutions team talked through California Pet Pharmacy’s pain points and found that Miva’s platform provided them with the dedicated resources and functionality needed to run a successful online business.

Miva’s in-house Professional Services team built a brand new, sophisticated online store for California Pet Pharmacy. Based on the Levels ReadyTheme framework, the Miva Design team created a custom experience to help customers quickly locate the products their pets need. The updated design includes key branding elements like the cloud header and footer that brand-loyal customers have come to associate their brand with.

Custom Features of California Pet Pharmacy

  • One of the most notable elements of their new ecommerce store is the custom-built one-page checkout. CPP was adamant about having an optimized checkout process that required the least amount of steps as possible for customers. Miva built a fully responsive one-page checkout that includes several custom features like a sticky cart summary that follows the user down the page as they scroll through the checkout.
  • The one-page checkout also allows customers to create or select from pre-existing pet and veterinarian information. This helpful information is saved to the customer account to expedite future purchases for returning customers. Learn more about the pros and cons of one-page checkouts.
  • Customers didn’t have the ability to create user accounts before the switch to Miva. Now customers can check out as a guest or create an account that includes a custom dashboard where customers can manage their pet and veterinarian information. The user accounts also have the standard contact information such as order history and billing/shipping information.
  • Prior to switching to Miva, California Pet Pharmacy was unable to integrate their online store with NetSuite. Miva’s team utilized the FarApp tool to connect NetSuite to their online store.


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