Miva Named Best Place to Work in San Diego 2016

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By Miva | June 29, 2016
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What does it mean to be a “great place to work”?  

Does a company have to build a great product in order to be a great employer? Yes, of course – the product is what unifies the efforts of the staff, dictates the schedule and informs every conversation.

But a great workplace is more than just the work it produces.

Is the building itself the key factor, the rooms and chairs we gather in every day, the windows we look out of to inspire our ideas? Yes, these are important too. But what truly makes a business a great place to work – in every case, in every office, in every industry, at every level, are the people who comprise the workforce.

The personal satisfaction, sense of engagement, social interaction, and overall harmony of the people who come to the office everyday is what, more than anything, drives the greatness of the total business.

It is by this measure that Miva has just been selected as one of the best employers in San Diego for 2016!

After an in-depth surveying of hundreds of San Diego businesses of all sizes and specializations, the San Diego Business Journal has named Miva a Best Workplace for the second year in a row!


We are deeply proud of this award, and view it as a salute to the employees of Miva, as well as a powerful statement of how important employee culture is to us.

We truly value the leadership of our team members, in an environment that builds trust and offers satisfying creative challenges. We encourage everyone to get the most out of every day, in a highly communicative, positive and encouraging setting. Everyday, we get together to produce great work, and have fun doing it.

We strive to provide all of the resources our employees need to excel at their jobs. We offer competitive pay and great benefits, and try to build a team that complements one another, in addition to the great individual skills every team member brings.

This is a true recipe for success, and what the SDBJ Best Workplace Award is all about.

In addition to a detailed analysis of policies, practices, demographics, and overall philosophy of businesses, SDBJ asked employees to rate the total experience of their own workplaces.

We hope that the resoundingly positive rating our own team has offered will spread out to the community and the world in the form of excellent work, an excellent product, and fulfilling careers that support and inspire families.


Congratulations everyone on this awesome award, we share it all together.  Here’s to another great year at Miva!

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Miva offers a flexible and adaptable ecommerce platform that evolves with businesses and allows them to drive sales, maximize average order value, cut overhead costs, and increase revenue. Miva has been helping businesses realize their ecommerce potential for over 20 years and empowering retail, wholesale, and direct-to-consumer sellers across all industries to transform their business through ecommerce.

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