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By Miva | June 29, 2018
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Selecting an ecommerce platform is a big decision for online merchants. They must weigh the effort and expense of launching on a new platform with the features and functionality they demand for their digital storefronts. Selecting the wrong platform can result in the slow death of their business if they continue to struggle with a system that isn’t robust enough. Choosing the right one can help their business grow and prosper as the years go on in ways they hadn’t imagined.

A few months ago, Miva received G2 Crowd’s “Best Results” and “Best Relationships” honors. G2 Crowd calculates the awards based on written reviews on their site. To get a fuller perspective of what it’s like to join the Miva platform, Miva asked a few customers to step in front of the camera and expand upon why they chose Miva and what it means for their businesses. This video shows their honest answers:




An Ecommerce Platform That Grows With Businesses

Paul Stanger, Vice President at Plant Therapy, said his essential oils company knew that they were investing in the customer and the customer experience in the long run. “That’s what made us look at Miva. We wanted a partner that could help us because we didn’t have the resources in-house.” On the Miva platform, he said, the company could do what it wanted.

What many Miva merchants want is to customize their stores on both the front and the backend, on an ongoing basis. “With the avenues we were pursuing, we needed more and more customization and that’s what led us to Miva, said Bill Stryker with SportPacks. “Every aspect of the backend has been completely enhanced by this experience with Miva. It’s made it a lot easier and it’s certainly far more scalable – and that’s the part that was the most exciting to us.”

Real Results. Spectacular Growth.

Vanessa Keefe with The Paper Store said Miva came and looked at their business with a unique perspective. “They looked at what makes The Paper Store special and how could we translate that to the web,” says Keefe. “[The time and the people] they brought to the table have been significant. It’s really helped to grow our sales.”

For Josh Pinsonneault, ecommerce manager of  The Paper Store, one of the best parts of using Miva is being able to devote time to building their business, rather than getting sidetracked with technology. “Miva gives us that flexibility to be able to focus on marketing and driving the sales on the site without being encumbered with the development side of things.”

Many business owners partner with third-party technology consultants who work with Miva solutions architects to design and build sites on the Miva platform. “[Miva has] a great system and they support it very well,” said Business and Technology Consulting’s Doug Blumhardt. “They have a true client-centric commitment to the people they are working with. It’s really a pleasure to work with people who are competent and skilled. We couldn’t have done it without the Miva team – there is no question about it.”

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