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By Miva | December 6, 2018
MivaPay added to core Miva platform



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Effective December 1, 2018, MivaPay, Miva’s Level 1 PCI Certified payments middleware, now comes standard in Miva’s ecommerce platform.* MivaPay was originally launched over two years ago as a product separate from the core Miva Merchant software. As a standard feature, MivaPay will offer merchants the ability to provide shoppers with a vault for stored cards (both for shopping on their own as well as facilitating merchant reorders), PCI Level 1 Certification to reduce the complexity of PCI Compliance, more streamlined checkouts, and subscriptions for automatic reordering. Making this functionality part of the core SaaS platform allows for the release of future features that are interdependent between Miva Merchant and MivaPay, furthering our commitment to enhancing our native platform.

MivaPay Features Include:

  • Level 1 PCI-Certification
  • Customizable iFrame for Design Consistency
  • Customer Wallet for Stored Cards (using Tokens)
  • Subscription enablement
  • One-Click Checkout

Secure Transactions and PCI Certification

MivaPay is PCI Level 1 Certified allowing ecommerce stores to likely reduce their PCI compliance burdens. Most MivaPay customers can use an SAQ-A when using MivaPay as the only way they touch card data.

The MivaPay engine converts encrypted card information to a token to all for use as a saved card, enabling future re-orders, better customer service and subscription enablement. 

Reduce Checkout Friction & Boost Sales

Giving shoppers the option to store their encrypted credit card information in a secure wallet speeds the checkout process for future orders and enables one-click checkout options. This encourages shoppers to follow through on more online purchases, while also increasing basket size and improving conversion rates.

  • Stored card information enables quick repeat purchasing for consumers and business buyers
  • One-click purchasing streamlines the checkout experience—especially on mobile devices
  • Automatic card expiration alerts improve payment success rates

Miva is committed to providing all essential ecommerce functionality in our core platform and we’re pleased to make these important features standard.

Interested in learning more about MivaPay? Click here.

*Existing Miva customers do not automatically receive MivaPay.

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