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By Miva | October 30, 2018



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As an eCommerce business grows, pushing and pulling data with third parties and automating recurring processes provide merchants with significant ongoing business advantages. With the release of Miva 9.12, all Miva merchants now have powerful new functionality to help them automate and streamline their online store operations. The JSON API and Order Workflows and Queues are now built into the native functionality of Miva, enabling online stores of all sizes to take advantage of them.

Here are some highlights of what you’ll see in Miva 9.12:

Order Workflows and Queues

One of the most significant changes in functionality in Miva 9.12 is the addition of Order Workflows and Queues. You can now set up workflows to automatically perform actions like adding notes, moving or removing from queues, and setting custom fields. You can also create automated rules to group orders into queues for both API and admin use.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard Makes Set Up Easy

Although the workflow functionality is powerful, Miva’s interactive dashboard makes it extremely straightforward to use. For Workflows, you begin by selecting from 15 common Triggers, including Order Retrieved, Order Acknowledged, and Order Created. Next you add an Expression (a match to a single data field) or an Array (which matches to an array of data.) Finally, you set Actions which define what happens to that data.

How might you put this into use? Here are five examples of how Order Workflows and Queues can make your life as a merchant easier:

  • Prioritize overnight shipping orders. If your customers have paid more for expedited shipping, you need to move them to the front of the queue.
  • Cater to your B2B VIPs. Move customers in specific availability groups to the front of the processing queue.
  • Manage pre-orders. If an item isn’t currently in your inventory, it’s easy for an order to get lost. This makes sure it gets out when the product arrives.
  • Monitor your fraud queue. Want to manually go through questionable orders? Set perimeters to create a watch list that you can monitor carefully. You can also segment orders by fraud score, such as their Kount response.
  • Track and group discount orders. This is particularly helpful for making sure discounts go to only certain shoppers. Want to offer educational discounts to only teachers and college students? Check that shoppers are legitimate by grouping all .edu email addresses. You can also grant discounts on orders above a certain threshold or to those who use a certain discount code.


The introduction of the JSON API provides native functionality to push and pull data between Miva and external systems via a standardized JavaScript format. Add it to your store to send and receive data for orders, products, categories, customers, and discount/coupons. Includes enterprise-level security features.

PayPal Smart Buttons

Present the most relevant payment options to your shoppers. Make it more convenient for customers to complete purchases by offering Pay with Venmo, PayPal Credit, and alternative payment methods. Complement your store design by customizing the color, size, and shape of the PayPal Smart Buttons through the Miva admin panel.

Braintree JS v3 User Interface

Offer your customers the most up-to-date user Interface for Braintree payment fields. These use the latest Braintree JavaScript API to help customers checkout swiftly and efficiently.

ApplePay iOS11 Address Error Validation

Validate missing fields in customer address before order is submitted. Customers receive error messages that prompt them to fix issues before checking out.

New Two-Factor Authentication

Prevent unauthorized access to your Miva admin with this mandatory security feature. Choose from Google Authenticator with a time-based one-time password (TOTP) or YubiKey with a USB key.

Find Out More

Find out more about the new features in Miva 9.12 and how to use them in the Miva 9.12 What’s New and Documentation pages.

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