The Results Are In: How Miva Scored in the 2023 Paradigm B2B Combine (Midmarket Edition) Report

See how the Miva ecommerce platform measured up in this comprehensive evaluation.  

By Miva | July 20, 2023 | 2 minute read
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The modern ecommerce landscape is undergoing rapid change and growth, leaving many B2B companies scrambling to keep up with new technology, shifting supply and market demand, and evolving customer preferences. Paradigm B2B’s mission is to support these companies in navigating a shifting industry, helping them to make informed technology decisions that will benefit their businesses for years to come.  

The 2023 Paradigm B2B Combine Report (Midmarket Edition) gives ecommerce technology buyers a comprehensive look at how different vendors and solutions perform across critical categories. The evaluation plays an invaluable role in guiding ecommerce teams toward the solution that best aligns with their needs and goals.  

Paradigm B2B Results: How Miva Measured Up   

In their 2023 report, Paradigm B2B Combine highlighted the Miva platform’s flexibility, affordability, high capacity for customization, and outstanding customer service. It also noted that the Miva platform offers strong quoting and promotions functionalities.  

Miva earned a Gold Medal, or Exceptional ranking, in the following categories:  

  • Ability to Execute 
  • Customer Service & Support 
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 
  • Promotions Management 

Miva earned a Silver Medal, or Superior ranking, in the following categories:  

  • Vision & Strategy 
  • Transaction Management 
  • Integrations, Operations, & Infrastructure (Newly medalled in 2023)
  • Sales & Channel Enablement (Advancing from Bronze in 2022)

Miva earned a Bronze Medal, or Differentiated ranking, in the following categories:  

  • Content & Data Management 

Miva Supports Growth for B2B Sellers  

Overall, the evaluation Miva received in this year’s Paradigm B2B Combine report further positions the Miva Merchant platform as a flexible, affordable, and highly customizable ecommerce technology solution for midmarket B2B companies. Miva’s advanced functionality and expert customer service team allow merchants with complex business needs to manage their catalogs, automate their operations, and drive sustainable revenue growth.  

To learn more, download your free copy of Miva’s results from the 2023 Paradigm B2B Combine Report.  

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Miva offers a flexible and adaptable ecommerce platform that evolves with businesses and allows them to drive sales, maximize average order value, cut overhead costs, and increase revenue. Miva has been helping businesses realize their ecommerce potential for over 20 years and empowering retail, wholesale, and direct-to-consumer sellers across all industries to transform their business through ecommerce.

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