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By Miva | September 23, 2020
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By Brennan Heyde, Miva VP of Product

Miva 10 is here. 

Built on top of the powerful software you already know and love, Miva 10 is an evolutionary leap in the Miva platform. Miva 10 was built to help you do what you do best. Designed to empower store owners, developers, and operations teams, Miva 10 helps you speed time to market, streamline development, support customers, and drive meaningful growth. 

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New User Interface: Uniquely Miva, Distinctly Different

Miva 10 encompasses over two and a half years of development time and thousands of man-hours. With Miva 10, we wanted to make the common daily tasks easier, faster, and more enjoyable. That’s why this release delivers a complete re-imagination of the Miva admin experience with a focus on performance and usability.

Batch Lists

The batch list redesign is an excellent example of the principled approach we took to the design of Miva 10. To ensure that every design decision improved the overall user experience, our team improved existing functionality and added new features, including:

  • Full Screen Mode
  • Column Edit Mode
  • New Sorting With Drag-n-Drop
  • Customizable Row HeightNew batch lists feature

Improved Navigation

We made data-driven decisions to make getting around the Miva admin even easier. The entire navigation was reorganized around what you do most. Common Navigation items were brought forward and others moved into the background (but still just a click away).Miva 10 menu

Price Group Management

In addition to improving the experience managing price groups, we’ve rethought how exclusions are handled to allow for added bulk exclusions to be applied when adding new price groups. For new price groups, we’ve added the ability to copy any price group with a few clicks.New Price Group Exclusions feature

Stay Agile. Seize Every Opportunity. 

With Miva 10, Miva’s built-in Sales Enablement tools have been overhauled to help you sell more.

Shop As Customer

Log in on behalf of any customer with an account and share their session if they are currently shopping the site.Shop as customer feature

Review Baskets

See activity on your site in real time with the tools to add/modify items, apply discounts, and convert baskets into orders—all from within the Miva admin. You can also see and take action on any failed transactions.

New Reporting 

Miva 10 introduces brand-new reporting for high-value customers, coupon usage, and sales commissions to give you the data you need to make the right decisions.New Reporting feature

Power Up Your Business With PayPal

A brand-new integration with PayPal’s latest payment tools—including Customer Credit, PayPal Checkout, and Credit Card Processing—elevates your customers’ buying experience.Paypal payment tools

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Empower Your Team

Miva 10 gives your development team the tools they need to create the best on-site experience for your customers. With unlimited development environments available at the click of a button, developers can quickly and accurately create and test new builds.

Miva 10 makes version control and concurrent development easy with mergeable template branches that support seamless collaboration between multiple developers. A locally-exportable UI lets developers use their favorite tools, promoting faster (and smoother) development, testing, and quality assurance.Animated illustration of a person working on a computer

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Click here to see the dozens of new features included in Miva 10. 

Ready to dig in? Check out our Miva 10 Reference Guide Docs:

We couldn’t be prouder to launch Miva 10 today. And we’re just getting started…

Miva 10 lays the foundation for the next 5+ years of Miva development. We have huge plans ahead for the Miva Platform to keep Miva at the forefront of ecommerce and we can’t wait to continue to empower the Miva community to continued growth and success.

See the new possibilities.

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Brennan Heyde

Brennan has worked at Miva for the past 11 years in multiple roles and is currently the VP of Product. He works closely with Miva’s third-party developers, agencies, and partners, supporting their existing needs while growing the Miva partner ecosystem. Brennan helps guide the strategic direction of the Miva Merchant platform, ensuring Miva is always on the cutting-edge and providing effective solutions for customer problems.

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Miva offers a flexible and adaptable ecommerce platform that evolves with businesses and allows them to drive sales, maximize average order value, cut overhead costs, and increase revenue. Miva has been helping businesses realize their ecommerce potential for over 20 years and empowering retail, wholesale, and direct-to-consumer sellers across all industries to transform their business through ecommerce.

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