How Automotive Ecommerce Stores Can Outrun the Competition

The unique features your site needs to stand out in automotive ecommerce. 

By Miva | November 16, 2018
Automotive Ecommerce Store



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When it comes to buying and selling auto parts online, one size never fits all. With seemingly countless makes and models to consider—not to mention tens of thousands of parts and variations—online auto parts catalogs are among the most extensive in the ecommerce space.

To manage these massive catalogs and speed up the buying process, automotive ecommerce stores need websites optimized for their complex catalogs with special search, display, and inventory features. In this highly competitive space, an auto parts website that is designed to get customers through the process in record time is most likely to beat out the competition.

Standing Out in Automotive Ecommerce

Auto parts buyers come in the form of dealerships, independent hobbyists, racing teams, and repair shops. To stand out from the countless automotive ecommerce vendors out there, you’ll need to capture your buyers' attention quickly and hold onto it throughout the shopping experience. The following are a few site features you can use to keep your automotive ecommerce store ahead of the pack:

  • Faceted Search: One of the key features of modern ecommerce websites, faceted search makes it easy to find specific items by Year, Make, and Model. No more forcing your customers to click through pages and pages of listings to find the exact fuel filter they need.
  • Unlimited Product Variations: A robust platform can take your automotive ecommerce store to the next level by giving it the capacity for unlimited product variations, high SKU counts, and boundless customization. 
  • Product Visualizers: With a product visualizer, customers get an interactive and in-depth look at the products your automotive ecommerce business offers. This auto parts website design feature is great for both educating and engaging customers.
  • Customer Profiles: Give customers the option to save their vehicle information in your site to make it easier to remember what they've purchased and save their preferences. Encourage them to post photos, share blogs, and publish tips for other shoppers on their profile. This personalization encourages customers to return and helps turn them into brand ambassadors for your business.
  • Advanced Shipping Logic: You can widen your audience and sell to more buyers by implementing customer and criteria-based solutions for your most complex shipping and compliance requirements. 
  • Onsite Product Reviews: Giving your customers the opportunity to share their positive experiences can influence future sales of products on your site.
  • B2B Purchasing Features: In addition to special pricing, shipping, and invoicing options, business buyers like mechanics and fleet managers will often look for automotive ecommerce stores that offer volume discounts and automatic reordering features. Offering these buyer-friendly features can set you apart from the competition.
  • Sell B2B and DTC in One Website: You shouldn't need to choose between selling to consumers and selling to businesses. To optimize your automotive ecommerce website, look for a platform flexible and powerful enough to merge your sales channels into one seamless experience. 

A feature-rich and buyer-friendly automotive website design can speed up and improve the purchasing process for both consumers and business buyers. By including relevant features and specialized tools that your shoppers will appreciate, you can create loyal customers that look forward to engaging with your site.

While the auto parts ecommerce market is highly competitive, there is a lot merchants can do to win and retain online customers. Auto parts ecommerce retailers that fail to provide a site that stands out and offers something different risk losing customers to the many competing sellers out there. Focusing on shopper experience and site usability goes a long way toward creating a site that can outlast competitors and keep customers coming back.

For more tips on building a successful online auto parts store, check out The Ultimate Automotive Ecommerce Guide.

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