Case Study: Lotus Sculpture “Living the Dream”

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By Miva | October 10, 2013
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All that someone needs to do to be the CEO of their own business is to set up a shop online.  With many different platforms available online, it is difficult for an entrepreneur to decide on the one which will sustain their business’ needs.  Lotus Sculpture started as a passion that turned into a business, but the platform limited the success of the business.  That’s when the owner, Kyle Torora, came to Miva searching for a more sophisticated, modern site, and a team that would be dedicated to implementing his vision for Lotus Sculpture.

After starting his first job selling website services, Kyle Tortora quickly found that the corporate world was not for him. After quitting his day job, Totora headed to India for the first time.  It was on this trip that his entrepreneurial lightbulb went off.  He saw a unique, handcrafted Nataraja statue and suddenly realized that the artists had an incredible product without a platform to sell.

“I’m an extraordinarily fortunate person who is living his dream each day.”

Within a year the groundwork was being laid for the artists, Tortora and the ecommerce website.  Tortora started by using a closet to store the products and has moved the products progressively into a warehouse in southern California.

Tortora launched his online business on the Yahoo! Merchant Services ecommerce platform in 2000.  As most new entrepreneurs do, he didn’t really research platform options.  However, as his business took off, the platform limited his ability to expand.  As the platform became more and more untenable, Tortora decided to move his ecommerce platform to a much more scalable and robust one: Miva Merchant.

Since switching ecommerce platforms, Lotus Sculpture has seen increased conversion rates and a better overall shopping experience for the customers.  “With Miva,” Tortora says, “I’m able to fully implement the vision I have for Lotus Sculpture.”

“I’m an extraordinarily fortunate person who is living his dream each day.”

Read the full Case Study on Lotus Sculpture here.

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