Increase Brand Credibility with Product Listing Optimization

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By Miva | December 17, 2019
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In the first part of this series, we explored how businesses can leverage their Amazon ranking to establish their authority and visibility online. We discussed how this gives businesses the opportunity to build brand power and foster customer loyalty—both on Amazon and off.

In Part 2, we’ll explore more ways to drive product discovery when selling with Amazon and discuss the importance of optimizing your Amazon product listing and storefront.

Give your online brand a voice.

Increase Brand Credibility with Product Listing Optimization

Product listing optimization involves fine-tuning your Amazon listing page to increase its position on search result pages. An optimized product listing builds your credibility by clearly laying out product features, detailing the benefits, and showcasing high-quality images.

The listing page provides valuable opportunities for you to differentiate your company. Incorporating content like comparison graphs and lifestyle photos, defining your brand voice, highlighting values and benefits, and addressing all customer reviews are just a few on-page strategies that can help you to boost conversions and solidify your brand image.

These product listing components work together to increase the amount of time a customer spends on your page, signaling to shoppers that there is a legitimate brand behind the products. Shoppers are able to develop a greater sense of trust and have more reason to explore your brand beyond Amazon.

Encourage Exploration with Your Amazon Storefront

Your business can maximize your Amazon storefront space with features like punchy copy and headlines, eye-catching image grids, and compelling video content. Think of your Amazon storefront as an extension of your brand. Use it to convey to customers what your company does best and why you are different from other sellers. A seamless and enjoyable storefront builds your brand equity outside of Amazon and keeps customers coming back.

In addition to establishing brand identity, your storefront can also encourage Amazon shoppers to take the next step and engage with your brand outside of the marketplace. Consider offering only a select group of your top-selling products on Amazon. This can encourage shoppers to explore further, visiting your website and social media channels to see what else you offer. This is where your website comes in, giving shoppers the comprehensive and top-notch brand experience they can’t get on Amazon.

Use Amazon to Boost Your Brand

Amazon can be a complex and competitive place, but it can also be a land of opportunity for brands to grow. If you work to increase your ecommerce brand credibility and encourage shoppers to engage with your brand off Amazon, your Amazon ranking and Amazon product listing can serve as a springboard for driving interest in your other channels.

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