3 Reasons We’re Excited About Apple Pay on Miva

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By Miva | March 20, 2017
Apple Pay now Available on Miva



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…and why you should be, too.

Recently we announced the release of Miva Merchant 9.00065, bringing Apple Pay to our 10,000+ customers who rely and thrive on our Enterprise Ecommerce Platform. With the release of this new streaming update to Miva, Apple Pay will transform mobile payments and allow easy, secure, and private transactions for your customers around the globe.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay enables secure purchases in-store, in-app, and now on the web with the touch of one finger, or Touch ID. Since no credit or debit card details are stored on the device, nor on their servers, your customers maintain their security and privacy.

And though you may have used this contact payment technology feature in the past to level up in that addictive game you just can’t quit, Apple Pay on Miva promises a new way to engage and empower your customers.

Here are the top 3 reasons we’re excited that Apple Pay is available for your enterprise ecommerce store on Miva.

1)  Capture New Customers With Apple Pay

For a new customer stumbling upon your storefront, Apple Pay is a familiar friend. As of September 2016, 31% of US consumers have used Apple Pay to make a purchase, up from 20% in December 2015, with 7% using it at least once a week. In the US, Apple Pay accounted for three out of four contactless transactions, dominating the US mobile payments market (Business Insider).  

And if adoption rates are any indication, mobile payments with Apple will only continue to rise. By eliminating the steps it takes just to reach that final “purchase” button—the reason 27% of shoppers abandon their carts (Baymard Institute)—your customers, and your bottom line, will thank you.

2) Increase Your Global Presence With Apple Pay

In 2016, retail sales online topped $22 trillion across the globe (eMarketer). With double-digit growth projected through 2020, it’s almost an understatement to say that your global business would fare well to stake its claim today.

Apple Pay monthly active users (MAUs), which number in the “tens of millions” worldwide, were up more than 450% year-over-year (YoY) in June 2016. That growth is likely a result of Apple Pay’s international expansion — the service is now live in 11 countries worldwide compared to two a year ago. But it also indicates sustained usage among its customers.
Business Insider, July 2016

Available in all major markets including the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and Canada, Apple Pay on Miva offers one more way to reach your customers on their terms.

3) The Power of Apple Pay Is Now in Your Hands

“Apple Pay for the web is one of the best ecommerce payment technologies around today,” said Brennan Heyde, our VP of Developer Relations at Miva. “With its proven conversion rate increases, we’re looking forward to getting Apple Pay set up on every Miva customer we can.”

74% of Americans have made at least one mobile payment over 12 months from 2015-2016, a jump from 40% in May 2015 (NFCWorld). With the recent release of Apple Pay for the web in Safari on both macOS and iOS devices, the opportunities for growth are boundless.

The release of Miva Merchant 9.00065 is one step forward in our commitment to reducing friction, allowing a seamless experience for you and your users.


Learn more about empowering your customers with new ways to pay at the following:

  • Find out more about Apple Pay on Miva here.
  • Apple Pay is currently supported by Safari on both macOS and iOS. Add Apple Pay to your Miva store here.
  • For all other operating systems, MivaPay offers faster checkouts, automated billing, and easy subscriptions.


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